Thursday, 29 March 2012

Photoshoot - Meet the Models

Last night, the Gay Photographers Network, which I joined a few month ago, was holding one of it monthly events. In addition to being a social occasion, there is also a more didactic element to the meetings. 

Last night's event offered me the opportunity to take part in my first studio shoot with models. Accomplished members of the group had been invited to bring and introduce models they work with. Also most seem to be content to simply mingle, we managed to coerce four brave souls to pose for those interested. 

The lighting had been set up for us and it pretty much stayed the same all the time. This was very much a free for all with half a dozen people shooting at the same time. Not ideal for optimal results but a good taster for me nontheless and a fun evening, indeed. 

The results of my efforts can be seen in this set on my flickr account. Enjoy! 

(model: Jonathan Hall)