Tuesday, 22 September 2009

pink sauce | life, with a pink seasoning

As of tonight, my blog Aimless Ramblings of Zefrog, that "place where I can vent my frustration, express ideas and generally open my big gob without bothering too many people" which will be 6 in a couple of months, becomes Pink Sauce. While the URLs zefrog.blogspot.com and www.zefrog.eu are still valid to access this page, the main URL now becomes www.pinksauce.co.uk.

There is a vague plan to create a proper website for www.zefrog.eu to which the blog would be linked.

Why Pink Sauce, you may ask. It is both simple and complicated. For several years, I have grown out of love for the name of the blog. It felt a bit cumbersome and clumsy. That said, I never really looked into changing it, seriously.

Tonight, for dinner, I had pasta with a special pink sauce of my concoction; single cream and ketchup. I know most people while feel nauseous at the very though of the mixture but trust me, it's gorgeous. Don't knock it till you've tried it.

After having had my platter I boasted on Twitter about my sauce and one of my followers (@nminers) suggested that I should have a website called Pink Sauce. Immediately this seems like the perfect name for my blog. A place where I speak about the minutia of live but, more often than not, with a gay (or pink) twist.

I therefore check that the domain name was available, bought when I found out that it was and fired up photoshop for a spot of design. The result, a couple of hours later is the headmast now topping those pages. I'll probably hate it in the morning but hey, that's life!

I hope that this will not prove to much of a shock for my readers. Please feel free to leave comments about the new look. But please forward any complaints to Mr Miners.

Le blog est mort, vive le blog!


  1. congrats. I like the name...

  2. Right, those of you with complaints, please email no.reply@im_not_listening.co.uk. Got that? Good.

  3. All change for you! Great new name, I like it! May give the actual recipe a pass, though :)

  4. ooh, well done. i keep meaning to come up with a name for mine but i never think of anything.


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