Friday, 21 November 2008

Hitler's Reaction to the BNP Membership List Leak


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Keith Olbermann on Proposition 8 and Why It's Just Wrong

No comment needed.

The MSNBC website offers transcripts of the programme here and here (MSNBC blog).

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Christianity, Religion of Peace

Israeli police have had to restore order at one of Christianity's holiest sites after a mass brawl broke out between monks in Jerusalem's Old City.

Fighting erupted between Greek Orthodox and Armenian monks at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the traditional site of Christ's crucifixion.

Two monks from each side were detained as dozens of worshippers traded kicks and punches at the shrine, said police.

Trouble flared as Armenians prepared to mark the annual Feast of the Cross.

Read the full article and see the video of the fight and members of each side blaming the other, on the BBC News site, here.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Happy Anniversary

4 years and 580-odd posts later!

The (highly unoriginal) first one can be viewed and relished here.

(I thought this picture of a cake with a fairy was appropriate, considering.)

California prefers Farm Animals to Gays

Yesterday in addition to the presidential elections, California voters had to express their views on a variety of "Propositions". Questions that can be put to the vote if one million signatures are gathered to support them.

One of those propositions was Proposition 8 which was originated by Christian organisations and aims to ban gay marriage from the Californian constitution after the Hight Court of the State allow it back in June. 18,000 couples got hitched since then, thanks to this change in the law.

The battle generated by the amendment was quite high-profile and much more heated than they normally are for these things. Many celebritries (such as Brad Pitt, Steven Spielberg) and even companies (Apple and Google) "came out" against the Proposition, some even donating money.

In total close to $70 million were spent by both sides of the argument to promote their views ($32m for the supporters and $38m for the opponents).

The results of last night's elections were truly exhilarating. The fact that Obama won by such a margin and all the possibilities that that opens is really fabulous.

But what happens in California is there to remind us that the battle for freedom in the "land of the free" is not won yet. In the first place, it could be argued that the fact that the country is still grappling with race issues is not such a positive sign.

In any case, Proposition 8 won and gay marriage will be explicitly banned in the Californian constitution. It passed last night by 51% to 48%...

The (tiny) good news is that the constitutional change can’t be backdated, so the couples already married will remain so even if it is a curious legal limbo. Apparently, officials are also saying they won’t stop issuing licences until directly instructed, which could take months.

Similar bans were also voted in Arizona, Florida and Arkansas.

And to add insult to injury, the Californian voters also voted for Proposition 2 which prohibits the confinement of certain farm animals in a manner that does not allow them to turn around freely, lie down, stand up, and fully extend their limbs.

Californians obviously care more about farm animals than their fellow human beings. That's true Christian charity for you.