Monday, 24 December 2018

Truce - a short story

I spent last Christmas Day at a friend's place. After indulging in all sorts of delicious foods he had prepared, we lay in a mild torpor on his sofa, half watching television. One of the programmes unfolding before our bleary eyes happened to be the festive Dr Who episode, which included a scene in the trenches of the First World War. This was, of course, in reference to the celebrations of the centenary of the war.

In any case, this somehow imprinted itself into my subconscious and within the next few days, a story presented itself to my mind. Over the following months, I endeavour to commit it to electronic paper.

This is my first completed attempt at writing fiction. I am grateful to my first readers, Eddie, Sue, Richard, Russell and Andrew, who were kind enough to say positive things about the story, and also provided input and feedback.

It is, I think, now time to release it unto the unsuspecting world, 104 years to the day after the event that gives it its background. I hope you enjoy it, if you take the time to read it.

Feedback and comments are welcome.

Read the short story (Google Doc)
(It's just under 5000 words, so takes about one hour to read)