Friday, 14 January 2005

News From The Twilight Zone.

Had a bit of a shock earlier. I was checking who had visited this page on my tracking service's page when I noticed a strange looking URL. Here is how it looked:

I clicked on it out of curiosity and find myself on the BBC News website, looking at a page treating of young Harry's recent foibles. The astonishing thing and the source of the aforementioned shock was that a link to this, my blog, sorry: MY blog, was in a prominent position on this page. Here is the picture to prove it:

Now, if you go to the BBC News page, the list of "blogs about this article" does not show. Turns out that wikiproxy (appearing in the first part of the above URL) is some sort of software created for the BBC to ad links to its webpages. I am still not sure how this works to be honest but it is nice to think that somewhere in another dimension my blog, sorry MY blog, is listed on the BBC's website. And this after a couple of months online only...

Update - 19/01/05: this might help make SOME sense of the whole thing.

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