Friday, 21 December 2007



The view from the stage of the Palladium during the technical rehearsal on Sunday 16th, showing the gobo whose artwork I put together.

The concert went very well. I am glad to say I made very few mistakes and as usual the next day the back-slapping emails were flying fast on the Chorus' mailing lists.

The good news is that, having sold out we will be giving I think £5000 to the Terrence Higgins Trust and they got another £2000 from the raffle and bucket shake organised on the night.

For fuller reviews of the show click here, here and here.
More pictures available here


  1. Hey Zefrog,

    Joyeux Noël! Found love yet? Hits nearing 15000 on the usual sewers and still no soulmate? Hmm...methinks this is beginning to speak rather ill of you!

  2. Unless they were all people like you, Miss Anonymous.

    What is it to you? have you got even less of a life than I have that you need to leave comments like this for people you don't even know? Why not keep spewing your bile in your corner of Brittany and leave people alone?

    Joyeux Noël to you!

  3. Hey Happy christmas. I keep meaning to come along to Gay men's chorus concert. I am part of the LGSO? Have you made it to any of ours? Bryn

  4. Thank you. Happy Christmas to you to.
    I have never been to one of your concerts as such but have seen you perform a couple of times. Once with the Pink Singers and once at the Metropolitan Archives (a small group).

    I think there are (very vague) plans to work with you at some point... I would be good to join forces I think.

  5. When were you at the metropolitan archives? My boyfriend Richard is one of their senior archivists and recently helped tun their LGBT history day. Bryn

  6. that was 2 years ago, I think for their annual LGBT history event. There was a quartet (I think) from your lot playing :O)

  7. Not sure if you remember me.. just writing a few old friends and knew I had to write and say congrats on the LGMC and say that it was a pity I never got to come and see you perform while I was in the area.
    Take care, and I will be reading =)


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