Thursday, 6 March 2008


I had a "date" last night. Someone who contacted me online and asked to meet for a drink. We met up the Royal Festival Hall.

It proved to be another disaster to add to my ever expanding list. All the more crushing as an email chat during the day had been fairly promising. Basically, we couldn't find anything we had in common and the conversation languished into a series of clumsy reciprocal questions about our lives.


We lasted one hour (which was quite good I thought) and packed it in.

I was supposed to attend something similar on Tuesday but thankfully got invited to a performance of Brief Encounter at the Haymarket Cinema. I canceled the "date" and I don't think I am going to pursue a reschedule, in light of last night's events.

The show was thankfully really good fun, using a mix of music and film to create a fluffy concoction. More than a retelling of the film, it is a homage to it and a way to acknowledge the long-lasting lovestory between the film and the British.

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