Sunday, 27 April 2008


Comments on the Evening Standard website regarding Boris last week:
We should stand up for Boris. So what if he has no grasp of detail and his management experience is limited to editing the Spectator magazine. He is a jolly funny chap and will be an inspiring ambassador for London.

- Martin Clerkenwell, London

I’d rather he spent £100M on new Routemasters than another penny on minority ethnic interests.

- Squiz, Islington

Doesn’t matter, I would much rather Boris spend the money on Routemasters unlike Ken who squanders our taxes on ‘focus groups’ for immigrants or visits to third world dictators.

- Kyle, London

So what if Boris got his sums wrong, I’d take someone who admits his error over someone who gets his team to lie for him so he doesn’t have to come clean…

- St, London

Boris all the way. He is funny and not politically correct which is great.

- David, Lincoln
Johnson - or to give him his full name, Boris LOL!!!! what a legernd!! Johnson!!! - is a TV character loved by millions for his cheeky, bumbling persona. Unlike the cartoon MP, he's magnetically prone to scandal, but this somehow only makes him more adorable each time. Tee hee! Boris has had an affair! Arf! Now he's offended the whole of Liverpool! Crumbs! He used the word "picaninnies"! Yuk yuk! He's been caught on tape agreeing to give the address of a reporter to a friend who wants him beaten up! Ho ho! Look at his funny blond hair! HA HA BORIS LOL!!!! WHAT A LEGERND!!!!!!
I don't care what Ken Livingstone does - I'll still vote for him if it stops Boris Johnson becoming mayor - Charlie Brooker, The Guardian

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