Saturday, 14 June 2008

Petition Against Iris Robinson, Homophobic MP

It all started by a Nothern Irish MP's comments in reaction to a homophobic attack. Lots of people were not impressed and Mrs Robinson MP is now being investigated by the police and might possibly be sued too by a local activist, who, like this youth worker, is not impressed.

In the meantime, the MP's psychoanalyst friend, whom she claimed can cure people of their gayness rides the media hype with (surprise! surprise!) the support of the Christian Institute.

If you are feeling (justifiably outraged by this sad story, you can click here to sign the petition to the Prime Minister to reprimand MP Iris Robinson for her recent comments. You have until 9 August to do like the 3748 people who have already signed as I write this.

Pass this on...

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