Saturday, 11 October 2008

Peter Mullen - The Plot Thickens

Following my post about the comments the Rev. Peter Mullen made on his blog, here is some further interesting information.

Someone from a social website I belong to, took the trouble to write to the London Stock Exchange to complain about Mullen and he received the following reply (I have no reason whatsoever to doubt that this is original):

Thank you for your letter to Clara Furse regarding the comments of Peter Mullen, about which she has asked me to respond.

Like you, we were appalled to read of Peter Mullen’s comments in Monday’s Evening Standard and elsewhere. We were also concerned to see him being associated with the London Stock Exchange.

There are historic links between St Michael, Cornhill and “The Stock Exchange” of old, reflecting the fact that the Exchange was previously housed within that parish. However, there is no formal connection between the London Stock Exchange and Peter Mullen, and our company does not even have a chaplain.

We have asked the Diocese of London that Peter Mullen desist from implying a connection with our organisation when none exists.

Yours sincerely,

John Wallace,
Director of Corporate Commnunications
London Stock Exchange Group
Interestingly, the same guy also wrote to the the Archbishop and the Bishop of London, but is still waiting for an answer...

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