Saturday, 21 February 2009



Someone, charmingly called fascist45 and with a rather limited grasp of spelling, has just left (midly abusive) comments on four of my pictures on flickr.

The pictures were taken at a recent-ish Stop the BNP demonstration and feature evidence of a gay presence within the ranks of the demonstrator.

Visiting my new friend’s profile is fairly amusing (it features picture of “the leader”, Nick Griffin, someone (presumably said new friend) dressed up as a soldier and evincing nostalgia for “nam” and “dad’s army” and a picture of one Kate Garaway (who seems to be a c’leb) putting the emphasis on her “boobs”.

However this person’s favorite picture (gleaned around flickr) seem to be the true gateway to their nasty little mind: women in various stages of undress. Someone needs a good shag, methinks.

I am midly amused.

Interestingly, he did not comment on the picture illustrating this post.

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