Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Gaydar Confusion

Following my previous post about Milk Watch, I have put my talents as a stalker to the test and thanks to Facebook (the stalker's best friend), I have managed to track down the sexy guy that was giving me eye on the shoot (see this post for the full (non-existant) story).

It seems however that the guy (who, so a feature about him in the Independent informs me, is actually not (just) Indian but a delicious mix of English, Polish, Dutch, Indian and Guyanese) is "Interested in: Women".

That doesn't completely square with the experience related in the post I linked to above but there is no sign of gayness whatsoever on his profile.

What should I do? "poke" him (ooo, matron!) to see how he reacts or just let it die and stop being such a creep?

I think I have just answered my own question.

Update (10/06/09): on the advise of a couple of friend, I did "poke" the man on Facebook. A few days later, though he has logged in to FB (his profile picture has changed), he hasn't reacted. That's that!

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