Thursday, 27 August 2009

Proof That Gay Marriage Does Not Destroy Marriage

People opposed to gay marriage or Civil Partnership always claim that these undermine traditional marriage. We may be able to believe them should ever manage to explain how this is actually happening. They never do.

As far as I can see, straight couples are doing a very nice job of undermining marriage themselves. And in any case, how can giving more people the opportunity to join in something undermine it?

Well it seems that we now have the proof that not only gay marriage does not destroy marriage, it actually help support and strengthen that institution.

Gay marriage has been legal in Massachusetts for the past 5 years. This means that we now have 4 years of data allowing us to judge the extent of the damages wreaked on that poor state by gay marriage.

Well, guess what: according to the latest figures from the National Center For Vital Statistics, Massachusetts is the US state with the lowest divorce rate of all, and that rate is about equal to the national divorce rate... in 1940.

Provisional data for 2008, shows that the divorce rate may actually even be falling (by 0.3% from 2.3%)!

So there we have it. Now we have proof of what we, sensible people, already knew. Gay marriage is, quite unexpectedly, only about gay people being able to create loving and committed relationships and has none of the deleterious effects forecast for marriage and society.

Homophobic religious people are painting themselves in an ever tighter corner and the increased hysteria that seems to be characterising their most recent comments about gay marriage and what it does to the world is a clear sign of that. I think we only have to sit back, relax (not too much: a right given can just as easily be taken) and have a good laugh while they make fools of themselves and total discredit themselves.

And talking of a laugh; check out that report from the Daily Show on the subject above:

You can also read this article in the Chicago Tribune to get an idea of how anti-gay marriage activists react (or not) when challenged with those new figures.

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  1. I believe the same holds true of Europe: divorce is very low in Sweden too, one of the first countries which extended legal partnership rights to Gays. And I believe the UK divorce rate has fallen in the few years since Civil Partnerships were introduced here.

    So, the circumstantial evidence seems to suggest that gay marriage actually supports straight marriage. While we are a long way from being able to prove that scientifically, we can at least say with complete confidence that it doesn't harm straight marriage!


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