Friday, 30 October 2009

Up Yours Moyles, the Gays Have It

Picture illustrating the paper version of this article in the Guardian.
In a fast-changing digital world in which most traditional media are struggling to adapt, BBC Radio 4 has bucked the trend, posting its highest listener numbers for a decade over the summer months.


Today – which has refreshed its presenter line-up over the last 18 months with Evan Davis and Justin Webb joining the breakfast programme team – gained 95,000 listeners on the previous quarter to reach 6.6m an average each week, an increase of nearly 500,000 on the same time last year. Today's 16.8% share was its highest ever.


With Moyles losing 679,000 listeners over the same period, his audience of 7.04m put him 718,000 adrift of Wogan compared with a 213,000 gap in the second quarter.
Chris Moyles, who presents the morning show on BBC Radio 1, has made several homophobic comments on air. Evans Davies is the gay presenter of the Today programme on BBC Radio 4.


  1. And don't forget Eddie Mair. Or Sandi Toksvig. Or Adam off of The Archers.

    It's like blimmin' Gomorrah in there!

  2. Is it official that Dearest Eddie is a sister? Sadly, I don't think it is...
    Zeb Soames is also tickling my (admittedly rubbish) gaydar.

    and let's not forget Clare Balding and the occasional Stephen Fry


  3. Do you think they will be doing a Radio 4 strip calendar soon. They need to get in quick before 2010. B x

  4. am not sure I would want to see that... :)


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