Monday, 20 September 2010

Protest against the Pope

John Waters

On Saturday, between 12 and 20000 people gathered in the street of London to protest against the state visit to the UK by Pope Joseph Ratzinger. A demonstration of what Ratzinger had called the day before "aggressive secularism" which looked to me more like a pride parade with a political message.

Famous faces spotted on the march included John Waters (above) and Ian McKellen. The speakers at the rally the blocked Whitehall after the march included Richard Dawkins, Johann Hari, Dr Ben Goldacre, an openly gay Catholic priest, among others.

My pictures of the event can be found on flickr here. A photopool is available here.

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  1. Gay Sex Toys10/15/2010 1:18 pm

    I was actually planning to go to this, but I never made it :(
    It's good to see that so many people around the UK are against the attitudes of the Catholic faith. It spells doom for their faith if they don't move forward with the times and society.


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