Thursday, 4 November 2010

BT are Rubbish - 2

The following was written at the end of September 2010 but due to a mix up with the scheduling system of Blogger, this post has been waiting in limbo ever since. Here is it now.

Two months more or less to the day after I moved into my know flat, I have finally got a landline that is working and an the Internet connection I needed it for.

I must admit to suffering from a bad case of suppression of what exactly happened since my previous post on the subject. All I know is that further phone calls, each bringing its own story and contradicting the previous one, took place. I also remember spending another off waiting at home for an appointment with an engineer that did not turn up, like the first one.

When I talked about compensations for clearly not delivering the service I had paid for I was more or less told to forget about it (I had already been given a free month rental, if you remember). And there is also no real complaint procedure other than getting in touch with Customer Service or the BTcare twitter account when there is a technical problem.

I have said it before and I'll say it again to as many people as possible: don't use BT if you can avoid them.

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