Friday, 29 April 2011

A Right Royal Wedding


In a bit to avoid the wall-to-wall coverage of a certain event taking place in Westminster this morning, I had to take refuge in the gym (which was thankfully open).

In the afternoon, however things took a more subversive turn. First with an aborted queer zombies flashmob organised by Queer Resistance in Soho Square.

The aim was to protest the current budget cuts made by the government and affecting various part of the LGBT community.

Unfortunately the police seems to arbitrarily decide that such a gathering would be an inconvenience to the more conventional revelers and gave the handful of peaceful protesters five minutes to leave the Square under threat of being arrested. This really did smack of an abuse of power worthy of the worst police state.

Later I joined a group of members of the London Gay Men's Chorus who had dragged up as bride to enjoy a little pub crawl around Soho. This happened without any problem and was met with cheers and many requests for photographs for the crowds.

Pictures of both events (including links to videos of the police telling people to leave Soho Square) are available on my flickr account, here.


  1. I can't imagine which 'certain event' you're referring to. Was it on TV?

  2. I am not sure... I think it may have been mentioned in passing, yes.


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