Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Dialogue opens between protesters and Soho "gay kiss" pub

Following the delivery of a 1000-signature-strong petition on Tuesday, a meeting took place on Wednesday morning between gay-rights activists and the management of the John Snow Pub in Soho.

This is part of the ongoing reaction to the alleged ejection from the pub of a gay couple for kissing, last month.

On receiving the open letter accompanied by the 1087 signatures of support gathered online, an unidentified member of staff had agreed on Tuesday night to meet again with the activists the next morning.

The meeting took place outside the John Snow between three representatives of the pub and four protestors, one of whom described the occasion as "civil throughout".

The protestors were advised that management is not at liberty to comment on the situation due to an ongoing police investigation into the incident. They were also informed that the pub's CCTV tapes have been handed over to the police.

The results of the investigation are reportedly expected in two weeks. A new meeting has been agreed for that time between the parties.

Paul Shetler, one of the protestors present at the pub, said: "It is encouraging that the pub management has agreed to meet with us. We are very pleased to see that some sort of dialogue has been established and we hope that this can lead to a positive resolution for all”.

“We will however remain vigilant, ready to challenge any sign that the management of the pub is trying to disengage from the situation."

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