Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Another photoshoot - Mark

Some months ago, I joined the Gay Photographers Network.

This has allowed me to look at photography and my practice of it a little more seriously. To the point in fact that in February I took part in my first exhibition (showing two pictures and selling one!). I will be taking part in a second exhibition, f20-12, later this month (only one image this time).

Last February, at one of the Network's monthly meetings, I had a taster of studio work with models and I was keen to further the experience. So when one of my Twitter contacts mentioned that he needed to pictures of himself, I offered my services and a date was set.

To help me with this, one of the members of the Network, Manel Ortega, who seems to have taken an interest in me both as a photographer and a model, had offered access to his studio in Brighton.

The results of my side of the shoot (Manel took pictures too) is now online on Flickr and can be viewed here.

Some of Manel's pictures of me which he allowed me to edit myself are available here.

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