Friday, 31 August 2012

Hot chocolate muscles

The Gay Photographers Network was having its monthly meeting on Wednesday night. For the second time this year, the event was dedicated to "meeting the models" (you can see my pictures of last time here). This time rather then the free-for-all we had last time, slots had to be booked in advance to be able to shoot one of the models on offers.

Feeling that I would be too self-conscious with people around, I had not booked but on the night some slots had become available and I decided to give a go. I was paired with lovely young black man with a very impressive physique indeed. Daniel has very lean, define muscles and a lovely silky skin which reflects the light beautifully.

Despite my worries, I quickly got engrossed in the job at end and, while there was little opportunity for being really creative, and this being only my third foray into studio work, I think I managed to produce a fairly decent set of images in the 20 min or so that I was with Daniel.

The images can be viewed on Flickr, here.

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