Monday, 10 September 2012

Panoramic views of London

Shard and Strata
On Saturday I had decided to spend some time wandering around Vauxhall with a friend.

After meeting at the RVT, we walked across the Pleasure Gardens, having recently seen an exhibition on the former attracts that used to stand on the site. After a quick look at the animals of the Vauxhall City Farm and a cup of tea in a local greasy spoon, we moved back towards the river.

As we were passing an anonymous office block, I noticed a couple of sign on the pavement advertising an exhibition of photographic portraits. After some hesitation we decided that the images must be on display inside that office block which looked abandoned. We walked in and were informed that the exhibition of 200 images was indeed using the 21 floors of the empty building.

The exhibition is organised by The Photographic Angle, a charity that "holds free exhibitions that travel across the UK transforming otherwise empty spaces into temporary galleries".

We took the lift directly to the top floor of the building where views on the whole of London welcomed us. I am ashamed to say that I paid very little attention to the few portait we came across, so focused was I at shooting my own images.

I had planned to return on Sunday for the exhibition itself but I didn't get to do that in the end.

My images can be viewed on Flickr, here.

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