Friday, 24 May 2013

Sunset from the rooftops

London Eye and sunset
It's been a couple of weeks now. Almost every day I see people on the roof of a building I know to be broaded up. And of course, I want to get on that roof too.

I made a first attempt on Sunday but unfortunately couldn't find access. In desperation, I decided to email JB, who specialises in shooting London from the rooftops. Perhaps he would have an idea on how to get there.

I met JB at the meeting of my photo group where he persented his work. I chatted to him afterwards and offered a couple of leads of possible places I could use for future shoots. JB kindly offered to meet up to try and find out a way.

First we went to a nearby building and took a few shots from there before having a walk around the Heygate estate. Finally we managed to find hidden access and found ourselves on the roof just in time for sunset. We weren't alone there. Street artists were at work already and other visitors joined us later. It is clearly a popular spot.

That's how I spent an evening on a rooftop with a (straight) guy admiring the views. Romance... (almost)

The images can be viewed on flickr here, while all my heygate images are gathered here.

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  1. sounds awsome! the first thing I ask when a friend gets a new flat is "got a roof terrace/balcony/stepladder up to the roof?....and can I see? ":)
    Sitting high up on the roof I feel really small.....and all my troubles that gets me stressed seem to get less stressful.


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