Friday, 5 November 2004

The all important first time

How do you start a weblog? What do you put in it? I am clearly not the right person to answer those questions.

It all started last Wednesday, galvanised and inspired by my starting to read the
book made from what is probably the most famous weblog in the world (even though its author would probably hate me for saying that). As the world was learning that W would be having his way with our destinies for another four years, I created my account. Let's make it clear now that, like many people around the world, I was not exactly impressed by the choice the Americans made. The only (very slight and bitter) compensation is that the people who know are predicting that the proverbial is going to hit the fan in the next four years (economically at least; something to do with the huge deficit they are building up thanks to all of Bush's tax cuts (and there are more to come apparently), and with China, Japan and a few others starting to cash in on all the dollars they are currently buying or something like that: sorry, forgot the details): W will therefore be there to clean up his own mess or at least take responsibility of it. The worrying bit (and what makes this bitter) is that if the States are in trouble economically, Europe and the rest of the world will probably suffer too. The rest of the world should have been allowed to vote to, considering how important this election is. Ok, ok, Kerry would probably not have been much different in content but at least his style would have been different and that might have done a huge different in several quarters.

Anyroads, once the account created, I pondered: Why? What have I got to say? I started a draft first posting which was not really satisfying (I might decide to include it here for posterity (!)) and then it was time to leave work to go to a dance rehearsal, thinking I would carry on in the morning.

That did not happen as, on opening my inbox, I found a message from the chairman of the marketing committee of the choir, asking for volunteers to design the programme for our Christmas gigs at the Parish Church of St John the Baptist in Pinner ( that's just outside London in zone 6; Yes, there is one!). I volunteered and that took up most of my day. I am far from finished yet but I think I have finally found inspiration for this. And what a strange thing inspiration is really: here I am on the night between Thursday and Friday (3.30 am!), suddenly waking up and thinking: I know what to write in this blog and having to switch the laptop on and write it down.

If you are still reading (if anybody is reading this at all), you must know but now that the title of this blog is no deception: I will really by ranting aimlessly on here… I hope this can be enjoyable though.
Time to try and post this (see how badly it goes with the URLs) and then back to sleep, hopefully...
Comments and suggestions most welcome...

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