Friday, 12 November 2004

Rant: Them bloody buses!!!!

As every morning I was on my bus to work this morning, quitely reading a print out of the columns Salam Pax wrote for the Guardian; laughing and welling up at the same time. Very good stuff!

I was on one of those new "bendy bus" number 12s; Fare thee well, good old Routemaster. At some point, I slowly became aware that the bus had stop for longer than usual. I kept on reading but with the thought still at the back of my mind. After a while I suddenly heard a voice saying that the bus was stopping here and what were we waiting for... It was the driver. He had already got out of his cabin and was putting his coat on, ready to leave. How on earth could we guess that the bus was terminating there if he did not tell us?! Ok the doors were wide open and the sign at the front of the bus probably did mention where the bus would stop, but who would notice this? I quickly got out, muttering. The driver did the same and walk away!!!! The doors still wide open, the engine still running, the bus plonked smack in the middle of a bus stop.... As far as I know the bloody thing is still there. Unless someone decided to "borrow" it!


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