Friday, 24 December 2004

Who Cares?!

On wednesday afternoon, I somehow got releaved of my wallet. When I realised I did not have it with me I cast my mind back on the past day to try and see if I could figure out how this had happened. Either I had lost it, which seemed unlikely, or it had been stolen. After several minutes of anxious probing of my memory I seemed to remember an individual on the bus with a slightly out of the ordinary behaviour. I came to the conclusion that he had taken advantage of the fact that I was reading to pick my offered and willing pocket.

I was with a friend at the time of discovery (we had just been for food and were about to pay). It was late-ish in the evening and I still had to check at work the next morning for the unlikely event that the wallet had fallen out of my pocket there. Past the first moments of shock and the attempt at divination as to what might have happened, we moved on to other subjects and, I have to say, I forgot about it! It only came back to my mind on the next morning as I was getting ready to leave home for work.

Now, considering that I had my credit and debit cards in there, plus my French ID card and driving licence (which are going to be a bitch to replace!), the odd tenner and a few other bits, I should have been much more worried or at least concerned. After all I do not usually go anywhere without my wallet. The fact is: I don't really care. Of course I have cancelled my cards and I have been to the police to report the loss but further than that, I am oblivious. I actually feel strangely liberated. I was told I should get new cards within six days (it being Christmas I expect them for the end of January!) and I am considering getting only a new driving licence (which I don't really need anyway as I haven't driven for a while now) and not bother with the ID card. The wallet I got for my eighteenth birthday (that's way before the war!!!) and it was starting to fall apart.

Knowing myself, I should be fretting like mad; I would have been only a year ago, I am sure, but I just don't! Must be age!

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