Friday, 3 June 2005

Not Dead Yet

If anyone is reading this blog, they might have been slightly concerned, I realise that. My previous two posts were rather of a serious nature and then nothing for what? two weeks? But here I am, back for one quick post at least.

It's just that I have been busy, you see, recently. As you might know I am now in charge of the marketing destiny of my choir and with a new show coming at the end of July, we are all busy preparing the marketing campaign (Next week we should be able to launch the microsite dedicated to the show. Watch this space!). This implies finding ideas to let people know about the show on the tightest of budget. We can't even afford advertising and will have to use flyers and posters only with the hope of some editorial content here and there.

This week focused more specifically on getting the promotional material right which meant spending a lot of time boring MFD (he is designing the things) to death with talk of the Chorus. On the phone, when we meet, by email (and now with this blog entry, I suppose!). Bless him!

All I can say for my defence is that I am enjoying the whole process A LOT. I am quite excited about this and whoever knows me, will know not much can excite me...

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  1. Hey, you left me a comment a couple months ago warning me about a potential "stalker" - I sure wish I had heeded your warning! Anyway, thanks for your advice, and you can tell me "I told you so" if you want. :)


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