Thursday, 23 June 2005

You'll Do For Now

This is it! After several months of work on my own (I really thought there would be people in that Committee of mine). After fighting people's apathy and with much invaluable help from MFD (and I am not just saying that because he reads this blog). The promotional campaign for You'll Do For Now, the London Gay Men's Chorus' next show is about to start.

Yesterday a couple of emails were sent to the whole Chorus asking why the microsite was still not on line and reminding us (well, me) that time was ticking. Like I don't know it! Yet I don't see these same people volunteering to flyer or to help with the stall we are having at Pride. I didn't see these people at any Committee Meeting and I certainly never got an email from them asking if they could help. I am not moaning about that actually. To be honest, I find it easier to do things myself. What I resent however is that these people don't know what they are talking about and seem to imagine that things happen by spontaneous generation.

Another thing that really frustrated me recently is the way people use their emails. Here I am, trying to do my job, trying not to forget anything and, mostly because I am new to the job, sending emails to people with questions. Some people don't bother to reply. Some reply but only to one out of say four emails following arcane criteria to choose which email will be processed. In the meantime, I wait and time goes on and deadlines rush past...

On a more positive note, the flyers are ready. The posters are on their way and the microsite has gone live (check it out for a desktop wallpaper and a mobile phone background with our lovely visual). We got coverage in Design Week today and on Saturday, we will be singing in Leicester Square (around 5pm) as part of West End Live where we will be flyering (if we get volunteers to do it that is).

See you in July.

A musical evocation of gay lives in London since 1951

Friday 22nd July - 7.30pm
Saturday 23rd July - 7.30pm
Sunday 24th July - 2.30pm

Cadogan Hall
5 Sloane Terrace,
London SW1X 9DQ
nearest tube: Sloane Square

£27.50 £22.50 £17.50
£7.50 restricted view
concessions: £2.50 off each ticket

Box office: 020 7730 4500
Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm.


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