Friday, 9 December 2005

Another Defection

Sainsbury's and Woolworth's are not the only major companies pandering to the intolerant right. Ford (together with its subsidiaries, which include Jaguar and Volvo) have decided under pressure for the right wing group American Family Association to stop advertising in the LGBT media and to stop supporting LGBT events. Wells Fargo, under pressure from Focus on the Family, declined to cave in; just like Kraft earlier this year.

The original story is here

You can read a lot more on this (including posts on the relation between the two Ford executives who brockered the deal AFA and the Bush administration or on Henry Ford's anti-semitic writings) on AmericaBlog.

Finally, you can express your discontent to Ford here.

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  1. Never buy a Ford (and clones), simple, it'll hit them where it hurts as boycotts can work both ways.


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