Tuesday, 18 July 2006


Last week was busy to say the least. I had something on each and every evening, be it a rehearsal or a meeting. The week-end however provided the highlights. I won't tell you about Friday, since, the lost boy has done it for me.

The next morning, I managed to wake up a reasonably good shape (and without a headache!) and made my way on time to the Royal Festival Hall where coaches were to pick me and my fellow chorines up and take you to Cardiff. As part of the celebrations of our 15th anniversary, the Chorus was taking its madness to sunny Wales for the first time. This was my first visit there too.

We did not have much time to explore much however. Arriving at 3.30pm, we went directly on stage for the technical rehearsal and only came out again at 6pm for an hour break before the show. I had brought my dinner with me but having decided that I needed more water (always important when you sing), I went hunting for a supermarket of some sort. I was rather dismayed to notice that, while the crowds were still out en force on that balmy evening, most shops had already closed.

The show went very well. It was probably one of our best performances ever. It was however a pity that so few people (about 200 out of a potential audience of 2000) got to enjoy this. They made up for this in enthusiasm however. Marketing its shows outside of London is a recurant problem for the Chorus but thankfully one which is not really my problem any more.

The Chorus AGM was taking place last night with the election of a new Steering Commitee. I had decided not to stand for re-election and I have returned to the annonymity of the main group although I intend to stay involved with the marketing committee. It dawned on me, as I was attending the proceedings that I would probably not have been re-elected anyway, such is people's lack of understanding of the issues.

I heard some encouraging things from some of the candidates however and I will undertake a lobbying campaign with a couple of old proposals I made some time ago which had passed completely unnoticed by my fellow committee members.

We were thankfully whisked back to London straight after the show and by 2am, I was in bed. On sunday, I indulged in The-Weekly-Cultural-Outing-To-Tesco before joining the July meeting of my reading group. In late afternoon, I went to that little corner of dried grass and litter which sits across the road from the Old Vic and exposed myself to the crowds passing by on buses and the sun. My only proper time off on my own for the past week and until the coming Friday (if something does not come up at the last minute).

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