Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Sights and Sounds of London

As advertised in a previous post, The London Gay Men's Chorus' Christmas season is now in full swing.

We had our first too short gigs in a bar in Islington on Sunday in support of the Terrence Higgins Trust. That went ok, if you don't take into account the noisy environment, the lack of a director and the boosing between the two sets.

Yesterday, we started the three day schlep at Selfridges in Oxford Street. This is the third year running that we are doing it (and I am taking part) and it is always good fun. The first set was as usual crap. It's more like a technical rehearsal than a proper performance. We need to get used to the location and figure out how we sound. Good job the Monday morning at 12 are not that busy.

After four sets and a whole afternoon of almost uninterupted singing, I would have loved to go home and... die. Not so, however. We all trudged our way to lovely Camden for a dress rehearsal of wednesday's big concert at the Barbican. Another three hours of singing... With choreography for certain numbers.

That was the "sound" part of the day. It is a perk of the gigs at Selfridges to be able to enjoy a few interesting sights (if you get my drift).

As I was getting home around eleven in the cold and windy night, I suddenly noticed on the other pavement a woman flailing her arms and shouting. It being dark, I wasn't quite sure at first, but I soon realised that appart from a handbag she was stark vulva(?) naked. Of east asian origin, short with thin, normal looking legs but a fat upper body. Her flesh spilling over her tiny hips. Not exactly a pretty sight!

As often after singing (and I had done a lot of that yesterday), I was so wound up that also I was quite tired I did not manage to go to sleep until very late.

I am about to go get my bus to another round at Selfridges to purge my eyes and mental photo album of last night's sight and produce more (hopefully nice) sounds.

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