Friday, 1 December 2006

Tony Blair Speaks Up for World AIDS Day

In a special broadcast on MTV to mark World AIDS Day, Tony Blair said he thought it would be better "if all the churches and religious organisations were facing up to reality. [...] If we have a sort of blanket ban coming from religious hierarchy saying it's wrong to use contraception], then you discourage people from doing it in circumstances where they need to protect their own lives,"

Tony Blair was completely right to tell religious leaders to become more responsible regarding the use of condoms. Not only is the Catholic Chruch against the use of condom, it actually claims that condoms do not work. This was mentioned in the Guardian by Polly Toynbee at the time of John Paul II's death: "Refusing support to all who offer condoms, spreading the lie that the Aids virus passes easily through microscopic holes in condoms - this irresponsibility is beyond all comprehension."

On Any Questions tonight, there was a question about this and we heard Matthew Parris make light of the issue, saying that Blair had no religious authority to tell the Catholic Church what to teach. While he have some sort of a point, I also thinking that the Church's ACTIVE opposition to the use of condoms is simply criminal. Considering the desastrous situation in certain, mostly Christian, developing countries, the very least the Church could do is to shut up and certainly not to tell people they should be chaste, knowing very well that this is unlikely.

This happens at a time where their are speculations as to whether the Chruch may finally relax their attitude.

Not a minute too early!

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