Saturday, 30 June 2007

Gay London

Despite the recent discovery of two bombs in the West End on Friday and the unwelcoming weather, the streets of London got invaded by hords of festive homosexuals today.

Neither above mentioned circumstances seem to have managed to deter people from making a stand. The heavens truely opened just before the Parade got underway at 1pm but then the skies became more clement and the rest of the afternoon went ok in that respect.

This year for the first time since my first Pride (in 2003), I wasn't stewarding the parade but simply took part in the fun. I was walking with the Southwark LGBT Network (of which I am the Chair, as some may remember).

Last year (like the two previous years) the Network had a float. I was a "wheel Stewart" for said float. This year we had decided to go for something a little less honerous (both financally and in terms of organisation) and had simply hired 4 bug bugs (with "drivers") and had invited people to come with their wheels (bicycle, pram, wheelchair, whatever).

Since I wasn't busy preventing people from throwing themselves under the wheels of a lorry, I had brought my camera with me and have come back home with almost 200 pictures. A selection of which can be viewed here.

There was the usual assortment of strange costumes, naked muscle men, whistles and loud music. The Christians were once again caged off in Waterloo Place. There were many of them and people on the parade seemed mostly amused. We waved at them and blew kisses. One of them, rather cute, seemed ready to be rescued, waving back at us as he was.

A new addition to the mix (it seems to me) were a handful of members of the National Front with a rather elaboratedly made banner asking to outlaw "homosexual marriage" and a few placards calling for a ban of the Gay Police Association.

Once the parade was over, I had a quick wander around Trafalgar Square. Listen to Ken's speech and went round the stalls, collecting badges, a few prospectuses and a few free books.

All of the above an more in the selection of pictures. Enjoy.

Tonight (and last night already) the London Eye has gone rainbow to celebrate Pride. Unfortunately my camera refuses to show the lights' clours for some reason...

I can hear fireworks just now but I have no idea where they are and/or this is part of today's rejoicing.

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