Thursday, 19 July 2007

Interuption of Service

About a month ago, my laptop decided to die on me. It just refused to start up. I sent it to the repair people via courier. Repairs were going to take two weeks (and that was only changing the CD player (which was also not working) so that I could restore the whole: ie do the work myself!

I still haven't received my laptop back although apparently the repairs have been made. The laptop has apparently been lost by Parceline the courier company (who are not very good: they have apparently been several times but can't be bothered to use my mobile phone. Slightly has had problem with them with the reasons why his stuff wasn't delivered changing at each new phone call).

I am not really bothered about the laptop. It was getting oldish (3 years) and all my data is backed up. Getting a new one seems like a good thing after all.

During all that time, the nice people at LGBT History Month (I am their webmaster, now remember) have lent me a laptop and by the same token, life! Today however I have to give the laptop back, as it is needed for something else.

I am supposed to hear from the PC people by tomorrow to see how things are going to happen but for all I know it could be another couple of weeks before I am back online.

I have plenty of reading to catch up with, I suppose but to be honest, and I know it is a bit sad, I don't know how I am going to cope...

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