Sunday, 15 July 2007

Salvation Madness

A friend of mine with an interest (bordering on the mania) in the history of theatres and cinemas regularly asks me, usually after imparting some obscure point of trivia, if I think he is mad. I don't think he is particularly. People with a passion, especially the kind of passion that doesn't hurt anyone, are usually interesting and for me admirable, since my enthusiasm is a rather lethargic beast.

After tonight, I think I might have to become the one asking the other whether I am mad.

The shop on the ground floor of the house I have been living in for about 4 years now has recently changed owners. For about a month, there has been some extensive works in the shop and tonight the fascia and signage of the old shop were taken down and unceremoneously dumped.

Just after midnight, to be sure that all workers were gone, I sneeked out and from the pile of unwanted plastic retrieved one of the panels that used to hang perpendicularly from the first floor outside wall of house.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. After all that sort of thing usually disappear with the establishments they announced and no one thinks about conserving them. I thought the thing could become some interesting to hang from my walls when I finally move on to my own place. This with the added value that it welcomed me to this place and I spent part of my live at that sign.

The sheet of plastic, at about 1.2 square metre, is however bigger than I imagined and it takes rather a lot of place in my current cupboard of a room. The colours are also a little bit garish. Now that the thing is all cleaned up and staring back at me, to be honest, I am not sure what to do with it now.

Do you think I am mad?

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    I think your find is rather good but I can see the size and colours present somewhat of a problem. Do try to hang onto it, don't know how, believe you me when you get that riverside loft it will look great and you will view it with nostalgia and affection. Can't it store under the bed or behind a wardrobe?

    Your preservation instincts are sound but undoubtedly prove that you are mad!


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