Saturday, 29 September 2007

Yellow Beetle

I don't normally remember my dreams. It's probably just as well. The other day however, I remembered the appearance in my slumbering psyche of a yellow beetle flying towards me in my room. Nothing else.

A day or two before that Slightly, who into all these things, told me about two dreams that two members of his family had had about him. Both were apparently good omens predicting financial success.

When I first remembered the nightly insect the morning after, I mistakenly remembered it as a scarab. My friend Google quickly confirmed the hunch I had that scarabs meant good luck in ancient Egypt. Slightly confirmed to me that dreams of any yellow (golden) insect (apart from spiders, who are not insects anyway) announce a windfall.

Perhaps the insect was simply announcing the arrival of the cheque I mentioned in my previous post but I want to believe (and why not), that, coupled with Slightly's own dreams, this has to do with the new venture we are starting together.

On 14th October, I will be at the London Cycle Show. As an exhibitor. This will be the first official outing of the new life of an old south London brand: Witcomb Cycles.

The Witcombs father and son (Ernie and Barrie) have been hand-building bicycle frames since the late 1920's. The company's fortunes have fluctuated over the years but the quality of the bikes has always remained and although the general public has now more or less forgotten about them, those in the know consider Witcomb bikes some of the best bikes to be found.

My mission (and I have accepted it, together with Slightly and our other business partner) is to give the brand the prominence it deserve without diluting the quality and craftsmanship of the products. Initial feedback is very positive already and everyone is very hopeful indeed. In addition to cleaning up the image, we are going to tidy up the workshop based since the beginning in Deptford and create a new range of exclusive products. Details of those will soon appear on the website.

Notices of financial success (even ones as unreliable as dreams) as therefore most welcomed.

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