Saturday, 16 May 2009

Satanist Protest Against Eurovision Broken Up by OMOH Police

Am I getting this right? mmm perhaps not... let us unpack this a bit:

A small group of (mostly Russian) LGBT activists have decided to organise a Pride event in Moscow at the same time as the campfest that is Eurovision to highly the plight of LGBT people in Russia.

The Mayor of Moscow, as is his habit, banned the protest, calling gay people "satanic", while authorising a protest by right-wingers against LGBT people.

Still that did not stop our courageous activists who still gathered this morning and were promptly and roughly manhandled and arrested by the riot police, wearing blue camouflage uniforms with OMOH written in big yellow letters on their backs.

Peter Tatchell, who had been beaten up last year at similar event, was there again this year, and was arrested but rapidly released. The organiser of the protest was also arrested but he does not seem to have been released at the time of writing.

- Gay protest broken up in Moscow, BBC News (includes video footage)
- Moscow police violently break up gay pride rally, AP/The Guardian
- Boycott Eurovision, say Slavic Pride organisers, Aimless Ramblings of Z.

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