Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Twittering Various Voices

So the Various Voices 2009 is over and it's back to the cold morning light with only warm memories and a few pictures.

It just occurred to me that having tweeted throughout the week-end, my little SMS insights would soon get lost and disappear in the big nothingness that is my Twitter feed. So I have decided to bring them together in one post on this blog for posterity (and failing memory's sake).

My (almost) unexpurgated oeuvres start the day before the opening of the Festival, with, what else?, a sartorial dilemma:

needs to organise himself to buy a pink top (pink? bleurgh!) for the #variousvoices #vvl performance of Carmina Burana on Sunday (8pm, RFH) 3:05 PM Apr 30th from web

Getting ready for #vvl #variousvoices with the opening ceremony (will only attend but not take part) and our two concerts. busy day. 9:59 AM May 1st from web

Is pleased to be returning to the stage of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, where he made his debut with the London Gay Men's Chorus in 2002 #vvl 10:14 AM May 1st from web

has donned his gay apparel and his making his way to #vvl 11:45 AM May 1st from txt
You'll Never Walk Alone
Waiting to in into warm up and tech rehearsal, listening to jazz in the Clore Ballroom #vvl 1:25 PM May 1st from txt

Tech over. Relaxing before the first concert at 4. #vvl 3:10 PM May 1st from txt

First concert done. Went v well. Standing ovation. Had a quick dinner. Now waiting for next concert. #vvl 7:01 PM May 1st from txt

Outside the stage door of the QEH, about to warm up. Tiniest trace of a rainbow in the sky above. #vv l8:20 PM May 1st from txt

Show over. Went and felt better than the first one. Now for the party... #vvl 9:32 PM May 1st from txt

is getting up for another day at the Southbank. No performance; only rehearsal for Carmina Burana and an editorial meeting for Qindblog #vvl 9:02 AM May 2nd from web
Wooo! RT @digitalreality @LdnGMC were amazing at #vvl tonight. 9:06 AM May 2nd from web

There seems to be am inordinate number of lesbians on my street this morning. #vvl 9:53 AM May 2nd from txt

Rumours of a signer stealing the show yesterday #vvl 10:08 AM May 2nd from txt

Just took part in a sing along on the riverside in support of the Justin Campaign against homophobia in football #vvl 2:15 PM May 2nd from txt
Sing out
Seems i was spotted by an admirerer during last night's concert, friend neb fellow chorine... A jewish mother! #vvl 5:25 PM May 2nd from txt

Watching a German choir in swimming suits and cardboard. In the Clore Ballroom #vvl 6:55 PM May 2nd from txt
German Choir 2 German Choir 1
is listening a recording of Carmina Burana in preparation of tomorrow's concert, With One Voice, at the RFH, Southbank. I just love it! #vvl 11:07 PM May 2nd from web

Another long day at #vvl about to start. Programme is mostly Carmina Burana (rehearsal, tech rehearsal and concert). 3 free hrs in between. 8:37 AM May 3rd from web

Had lunch at Wong Kei, walking back to Southbank for a bit of lounging before tech rehearsal. #vvl 2:27 PM May 3rd from txt

Sitting in the choir stalls in the Royal Festival Hall, ready for debut there. #vvl 4:25 PM May 3rd from txt

Sitting next to @hsienchew. Tweetastic! #vvl 4:46 PM May 3rd from txt

This is sounding amazing with the percussion section. Almost wish I was in the audience tonight. Almost. #vvl 5:08 PM May 3rd from txt
Choir Rehearsal
On stage. Audience filing in. About to start. We are in the second part #vvl 8:01 PM May 3rd from txt

Yay! We nailed the bastard! Woop! Standing ovation and all! #vvl 9:35 PM May 3rd from txt

I still buzzing from Carmina! the soprano and the "counter tenor" were just A-MA-ZING. I am in love with the whole piece! #vvl 10:59 AM May 4th from web

@drawoliver I have no idea if Carmina was recorded... Would be great though. would love a copy myself. hope your flu isn't too oinky! #vvl 11:08 AM May 4th from web in reply to drawoliver

thinks he might gatecrash the closing ceremony and go sing Waterloo Sunset http://www.flickr.com/photos/zefrog/119250052/ with @LdnGMC even tho he isn't signed up #vvl 11:18 AM May 4th from web

@LondonBulgChoir the Gough must have brought memories back of Singing River. Hope you enjoyed our Carmina. #vvl 11:32 AM May 4th from web in reply to LondonBulgChoir

Just spotted: obvious band of (German) #vvl delegates in Covent Garden 1:14 PM May 4th from txt

would love another go at CB. Will have to make do with a rendition of Waterloo Sunset (in that weather?!) at the closing ceremony #vvl #lgmc 5:24 PM May 4th from web

is pondering going to the party at Heaven tonight #vvl 8:21 PM May 4th from web

@drawoliver closing ceremony was mostly people saying thank you to other people with a few songs in-between. Pics coming up to flickr #vvl 8:23 PM May 4th from web in reply to drawoliver
@benpark too much speaking not enough singing, I think. 8:51 PM May 4th from web in reply to benpark

is still humming bits of Carmina Burana: oh, oh, oh, totus floreo, iam amore virginali, totus ardeo, novus novus novus amorest, quo pereo... 8:56 PM May 4th from web

All my 31 (31 is very restrained of me) pictures of #variousvoices can be viewed at http://www.flickr.com/photos/zefrog/sets/72157617607495524/ #vvl 9:14 PM May 4th from web

is glad he has tomorrow off but will give the club a miss anyway. Heaven shall be snuggling in my bed. #vvl 9:45 PM May 4th from web

@hsienchew @drawoliver R. Dufton told me everything was recorded but for archive only. the VV organisers will get a copy. we could too. 11:40 PM May 4th from web

'Various Voices festival promises to "paint the South Bank pink"' http://www.london-se1.co.uk/news/view/3858 (includes audio clip of opening ceremony) #vvl 10:26 AM May 5th from web

Carmina Burana still going strong in my head... Make the voices stop! #vvl 11:05 AM May 5th from web

The Carmina Burana voices had let up a bit yesterday but are back with a vengeance. It does help a bit with being back at the mill 10:14 AM May 6th from web
Other delegates's tweets can be viewed through the #vvl tag

As mentioned above, my pictures of the week-end can be viewed here.

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