Saturday, 12 September 2009

Something Happened on the Way to Oxford Circus

Something extraordinary happened on the way to Oxford Circus yesterday, and in my life. I got there first!

At the end of May, my contract with VisitBritain came to an end (it had been originally a six month contract and had already been extended). Since then the hunt for a new job proved rather unfruitful and sometimes frustrating.

In the first three months, I was only invited to one interview, for a small charity based in Shoreditch. Although the feedback was very positive, I wasn't hired. I had only come second. Not the first time this had happened to me for an interview.

Unusually perhaps, though that was certainly welcomed, I was recommended by this first charity to a second one that was looking for someone in a similar position. I duly submitted my application and was invited to an interview.

This took place on Tuesday. Though that was apparently unplanned but not unforeseen, a second round of interviews had to take place to differentiate between two remaining candidates. And I was one of them.

That second interview was yesterday. We had been asked to do some homework beforehand, designing a webpage from a document provided to us. During the interview, I had to explain my design and the choices I had made before answering further questions. The interview went well. The panel was made up of three women and I seem to be more relaxed interviewing with women.

So once again, it was going to depend on the quality of the performance of the other candidate. Something I really dislike as it means things are totally out of hands. I could foresee another occurrence of the bridesmaid syndrome taking place.

Well, this time, it didn't happen. During the afternoon, as I was walking towards Oxford Circus with my friend Petr, I received the joyful phonecall offering me the position and I accepted the offer. How wonderful!

Literally wonderful. In my nine years in London, this is only the second permanent position I will have held. More than that, it is the first one I will have got all by myself through the interview process (the other one was an internal affair following a restructuring where I was working on contract).

I have a meeting scheduled on Wednesday at the JobCentre to review my job search. I will use this as an opportunity to tell them where to go (not in so many words, of course). No doubt this will generate material for another blog post.

But today, there will be a bit of a celebration. When I left that previous permanent job, over three years ago, I was given a bottle of Champagne. I haven't had a good opportunity to drink it, yet. Thinking that this would be the perfect occasion for it, I put it in the fridge last night and today, I will be surprising Petr with it.

A votre santée!


  1. why, thank you, kind lady :)

  2. Congratulations! And cheers for the champagne!

  3. congrats my friend! I am so happy you have found a job because your writing is so beautiful and you should have been snapped up immediately! D xx

  4. thanks, H and D. Sadly, I don't think there will be much writing in that position. A little but not much.

  5. Hey fella. Well done. Sounds like it made your day and rightly so.



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