Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Congratulations to the BBC News Online team

I would like to publicly congratulate the BBC News Online team for being so daring and forward thinking in setting up the edition of Have Your Say asking people if homosexuals should face execution.

By doing this, the team shows how at the cutting edge of true journalism it really is, valiantly flying in the face of any moral or ethical consideration (and the fact that death penalty will probably be removed from the Ugandian bill the tabling of which started the whole story) and going straight(!) for subjects that really matter.

In the same spirit I would like to suggest to you a couple of other subjects for future editions of the page which will no doubt help further and enhance your reputation as fearless seekers of the Truth.

How about: "should blacks face execution?" and then I would follow up with the always popular "should Jews face execution?". I trust the team will embrace those subjects too and I am very much looking forward to reading all the enlightened and enlightening comments these will no doubt generate.

If you don't agree with the above, you can make a complaint to the BBC here.
(the text of my own complaint is here)

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  1. I work for the Beeb, albeit nothing whatsoever to do with the News and Have Your Say websites, and I too thought that debate question was spectacularly bad.

    Worse still are the replies: things like "well, execution is a bit harsh".


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