Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Enough BS, Monsignor!

We learn today that two Argentinian gay men, Alejandro Freyre and Jose Maria Di Bello, had to literally go to the end of the world for the opportunity to get married (BBC News, includes video). Becoming the first gay couple in south America to get hitched, they had tried to tie the knot once already but had been denied by some "militant jusge" no doubt!

But they have finally made it and all my congratulations and best wishes go to them.

Once again, however, religious people are meddling with things that don't really concern them and as is so often the case, are talking through their hat in another desperate effort to keep their so-called moral ascendant.

How exactly would that marriage be "an attack against the survival of the human species", as Bishop Juan Carlos of Rio Gallegos worded it, I would truly like to know.

Those two men are gay, they are not going to reproduce whether they get married together or not. Furthermore their marriage is not stopping anyone else from procreating. So what is the problem, exactly?

Enough bullshit, Monsignor (and friends)! You may be against gay marriage and that's your right but you should not insult people's intelligence by coming up with such bogus "arguments" and state real, rational reasons for your opposition.

We will all be waiting with bated breath I am sure!


  1. Well, if you believe in virgin births, rising from the dead, ascending bodily into the Heavens, logic isn't going to be your strong point!

  2. There is not a single rational argument for denying gay couples marriage equality, and there never has been. Opposition to marriage equality is rooted in the fear some religious groups have of losing control and becoming irrelevant.


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