Sunday, 14 February 2010

London for a Secular Europe


Due to a misunderstanding, the kiss-in (for the organisation of which I have been called an "extrèmiste sodomite" - article in French on a fundamentalist blog: you've been warned!) did not take place but the protest it was a part of did go on and was indeed much fun.

Many friendly and familiar faces were there and it was in the end about 300 people who took to the wintry streets of London (between Westminster Roman Catholic Cathedral and the Italian Embassy in Grosvenor Square) to voice their opposition to the undue influence of the Pope and the Vatican in European and British politics.

It was interesting to note that despite the wider purport of the protest, a vast majority of the participants seemed to come from the LGBT community.

My pictures of the event can be seen in this set of my flickr account.

(Image above: Peter Tatchell speaking against the Pope outside the Italian Embassy)

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  1. Dear Author,

    Having been present at the march, for the whole event, I can say that your figures of 'just under 500' are more than a little off. I did a brief count of heads, and it came to just under 200. Perhaps it would be better to write this more accurate figure, given the value of truth, which was the purpose of the rally after all.



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