Friday, 12 February 2010

Valentine's kiss-in at the Cathedral | LONDON FOR A SECULAR EUROPE

I have done it again. I find myself organising a protest, albeit a small one part of a bigger one. And one to which I can't take part(!)

The Catholic Chruch is supposed to be spreading a message of love. Yet more and more it's message seems to be going from this towards something more sinister.

On Sunday, a demonstration will be taking place outside the RC Cathedral in Westminster (Victoria Street - not the Abbey) before moving to the Italian Embassy.

We suggest that straight and gay couples come together for a Valentine Day kiss-in to remind the Church what love is really about.

The Kiss-in will last about 5min before the protest moves on to the Italian Embassy.

A similar event is taking place in Paris this week-end.

There is a Facebook Event for this.

Find out more about the main protest here (also on Facebook).

(note: the organisers of the main protest have given assent to this)

Press coverage:
- Protestors will tell Pope to 'snog off', Pink News
- Valentines Day Kiss-in at Cathedral, Homovision
- Valentine's Day Kiss In, Londonist

For those wondering, the reason I can't take part is that I am single and therefore have no one to kiss... boohoo! I'll be taking pictures instead.


  1. Nicolas, I'm sure there are many, many men who would love to enable you to take part ;-) Unfortunately I can't go - but I hope you all have a good time!

  2. Perhaps I should organise a competition :)


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