Thursday, 12 May 2005

Hot Stud Moi

This morning I had an email in my inbox from someone who saw my Gaydar profile and apparently liked what they saw.

I have had this profile for about four years now and in all that time have met only a couple of people through it. In all cases nothing that went much further than an initial rendez-vous and a few emails. And although the profile is active, I have not used it for ages. On the profile visitors can find a picture of a giant frog sculpture taken at Sydney airport and a couple of pictures of Super Dupont with the caption: "Ugly toad or French super hero?".

The sheer amount of members on the site coupled with the fact that I hardly ever log in, mean that nobody usually looks at my profile. It was therefore rather a surprise to receive this email, especially when it contained such undying line as:
"I vote sexy french super hero.You are one hot stud."

Ok, I admit, this does feel rather nice. BUT! "Sexy" I have been called before (although I am not sure with what degree of irony), however "hot stud" is not the sort of phrase that come to mind when one thinks of my lanky frame and eagle-like physiognomy. I have also been contacted in the past from such sites by people who had obviously not read my profile and therefore were barking up the wrong tree or by, well, let's put it bluntly: mingers!

Access to Gaydar is blocked at work for reasons which will be obvious to anyone who has ever visited the site, so I have no clue as to what my admirer looks like; let alone where his interests lie and what his personality is like. He will probably be another one of those 50 year olds I seem to attract so much; probably out of shape, hairy and with fading tatoos, into clothes pins, spanking and rubber boots or something like that... I know this is the idea of bliss for some people but I am unfortunately not one of those.

Life would be so much more enjoyable for me!!!

I sent a friend who has access to Gaydar on the trail and here is the preliminary report. (doesn't sound too bad, except perhaps for the English...)

"no pic, but he's apparently muscular, black. is 33.
But only 5ft.7 and has problems with written English by the looks of it:

"Blk male always horney lokking for good times with other horneyguys masculine versatile guys into having fun""


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  1. methinks zefrog does himself an naked french guy with only a book to cover his glory. And the chest and ass are hardly lanky!!


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