Friday, 13 May 2005

Saint John Paul II ?

This is simply outrageous! The Catholic Church, this self-appointed pillar of morality against the so-called "culture of death" pandering to the celebrity worship culture. Beatification and Canonisation are normally very lengthy processes, which can take decades. Miracles are required. At a time when the catholic Church is finally starting to be called into account and has this huge image crisis, they suddenly decided to yield to public demand (John Paul II actually said that the Church was/is not a democracy!!!) and give this already highly mediatic pope the highest proof of stardom they can come up with. In my mind they are simply trying to capitalise on the wave of sympathy created by the death of the previous pope before it cools off. Petty!


  1. they'll be saying it was a miracle he wasn't shot next...

  2. He would be brought to sainthood anyhow. He was a true servant of the servants of god and a proud representation of tradition and the catholic church. We might have not agreed with all his desicions but this man was a true living saint, unlike the current pope.


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