Saturday, 30 July 2005

Curiosity Will Probably Kill The Cat

When I look at the statistics for who visits my blog (note, I am not using the word "read"), I am being told that I get about 40 visitors per week. Half of this will be me check that everything looks ok after a post. I am aware of a handful of persons who regularly come to this blog mostly, I suspect, out of politeness because I asked them to. The rest is a mystery to me.
When I lie awake at night a maelstrom of questions whirls dizzyingly in my heated mind: Why do people read this blog? How did they find out about it? What makes them come back to it? What is their the interest in this mish-mash of random cerebral dribble? Are they really that bored at work? Can they blame their star sign for coming here? Who should be Dennis's best man? Is the Earth really round? I mean: really. And finally, quel est l'age du capitaine?

I am expecting answers from you lot, and that includes the people I know about. Please reply not on a postcard but by hitting comments. If you only fancy saying hello, it is fine with me too...

Thanks in advance in case their is no-one to thank, after.


  1. I like what you have to say, and a lot of the time the opinion that you ahve is of the same as mine.

    Plus you read mine!

  2. Because your Literate and have a refreshing view of the world BJ

  3. Hi.

    To answer your question (well in the case of myself at least), I received an email some someone I'd never known/met. That in itself won't answer any of your questions but if you're able to hang in there, you'll find out soon.

    Anyhow, somehow the email she sent to a friend of hers (who happens to share the same name that I do) happened to end up in by inbox and not theirs. I sent an email back telling her as much, not knowing why it'd happened but I had my theories. She was curious about the theories so asked me what they were.

    Now, the addage from which you derrived the title of the blog that I'm commenting came to mind. It made me wonder if there was any statistical data regarding the number of cats that have died, by whatever means, due to their curiosity.

    A search on google for "statistics", "cat", "killed" and "curiosity" lead me pretty quickly to your blog.

    If that is not a clear enough answer for you then I offer the following:

    * I read your blog because of the circumstances mentioned previously.

    * I have no particular interest in your so-called "mish-mash of random cerebral dribble" (you really shouldn't be so hard on yourself).

    * I'm not bored at work. I love what I do. I'm just spending my lunch doing non-work-related things and this happens to be one of them (the other being the unfinished email to the person that sent me the email, as mentioned previously).

    * I doubt my star sign had anything to do with it (it certainly didn't directly), but I'll leave that for you to determine. BTW: don't bother loosing any sleep over it. I don't think it'd be worth it.

    * I have no idea who the best man should be but I'm sure Dennis (assuming you're not talking in the third person) will be able to work it out.

    * Depends on your definition of round and how much margin of error you allow. It's certainly not spherical, if that's what you mean by round.

    * It depends on how you interpret the question but I would say "il n'y a aucun âge du capitaine" (thank you babelfish).

    I hope that's a comprehensive enough answer for you.


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