Tuesday, 5 July 2005

Misery Cocktail

When I am tired I often feel mildly depressed. The good thing about today is that I can blame this feeling of depression to something else than just low sugars. First there is what happened this week-end (see previous post).

Taking part in the Pride parade is always a very empowering thing for me. The knowledge of a job well done as a steward helps that feeling. This year was no exception. In addition to the fact that I had been "promoted" and managed to pull it off reasonably well, I hope. Due to my social inadequacies, I was slightly worried as to how to relate to my team. The other problem I was anticipating was using of the radio used by the stewards to communicate between themselves. I am not very good at processing sounds (there is a name for that I think) and sometimes have problems understanding what I am told as a result. The quality of transmission on those radios is truely appalling and is made worst by the fact that people generally talk very quickly and without articulating much. Still despite moments where I could not concentrate on listening any longer, I pulled it off. After that there was the Chorus' stall where things went resonably well, considering that I had never organised a stall before! To crown the day, there was the meeting with The Cute Steward (TCS) which was nice in itself but also opened the flood-gates of hope. Hope that the stirrings I felt towards him were shared and would perhaps make something happen. Hope that, through this, I could finally break this vicious circle of solitude in my life. Hope of normality when relating to people.

Unfortunately, as we all know, where there is a flood, there is usually devastation too.

To top it all, people in the Chorus are getting worried that tickets for the show are not selling fast enough (which to be honest, they aren't) and are starting to send emails to the whole group making uninformed suggestions and virtually saying that I don't know what I am doing. The "best" email I received was thankfully send privately and ran as follows:

"Dear Zefrog

I hate to say I told you so - but I did!

The lack of flyers and posters not yet out are making people very fearful of us not selling the seats. Including myself.

Your lack of experience in the marketing area is obvious, but if you docontinue as marketing Chair try to listen to others with experience.

I would attend steering meetings to raise my concerns but I am working Tuesday eveings. However I will take your advice and put it in writing after the show.

I hope this is not too costly for the LGMC

This was my reply:

"I have to say I find your email below both patronising and offensive, coming from someone who has not had the smallest imput in this matter. In my eyes, it only serves to illustrate the point I made in my earlier email to the Chorus about people talking without knowing the whole story.

I would point out that this show has had more press coverage than any show we have done before (and is set get more), and that my "lack of experience in marketing" has led us to print about 7000 more flyers than usual, which will be (as well as our posters) professionally distributed. This guarantees us more visibility than the usual pre-show quick flyering sessions. And this is only highlighting the main points of the promotional campaign which, as far as I am aware, brings together several other steps not previously taken by the Chorus to promote a show.

I would like also to bring to your attention that this was done with about a quarter of the budget that this sort of show usually enjoys.

If you would like to point out where this is showing a 'lack of experience' and how you would have done things better, you are very welcome to do so.

I look forward to reading your email."

I should add that I already had a short conversation with this person a few days ago during a meeting where I was told repeatedly that doing more than we usually do to sell a show would not be enough...

The combination of the rejection from TCS, those stupid emails from people who don't know what they are talking about, the low sugars, is a wonderful and potent cocktail and a perfect receipe for misery. I recommand it!

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