Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Ashley Cole

Yesterday and possibly following my taking part in the online survey they set up, I received an email from Ashley Cole's lawyers:

Dear Sir/Madam
We act for the England and Arsenal footballer Ashley Cole with respect to proceedings for libel which he is currently bringing against the Sun and the News of the World newspapers.
During the course of our research of chat rooms and message boards on the internet we were very interested by comments and observations made by you regarding how you identified who it was that the newspapers were referring to.
You may have read, heard on the radio or seen on the television that we are actively looking to locate possible witnesses. We would like to invite you to take part in this process and would value an opportunity to speak to you, initially on the telephone, to discuss how you arrived at the views that you expressed on the internet.
We would be most obliged if you would reply either by email or telephone so that we may make initial contact with you and explain the matter more fully.

I replied that I was willing to help (after all any move to relieve the Sun and the News of the World of some of their "dirty" money, can only meet with my support) and I received a phone call from the lawyer this morning. I have now apparently made a statement. He asked me questions which he will draft into a statement which he will then email me for perusual and possible corrections. I have also agreed to potentially be a witness during the trial. They were particularly interested, they said, in how I read about the story online and on how I perceived the player after reading the article on line.

Watch this space...

My original post on the subject is here.

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  1. I dont believe that anyone should be publically outed by the media. Nor do I believe that NOTW or The Sun act in the interests of moral journalism.

    But nonetheless be very careful that you are not caught up in the politics or attention of the media. You may find yourself a victim of attention. Footballers should come to expect it. You may be caught out.


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