Friday, 3 March 2006

Out of Tune

Looks like Aunty Beeb is a tad homophobic...

Stonewall has carried out research into how the BBC represents lesbian and gay lives and produced a report called Tuned Out - the BBC's portrayal of lesbian and gay people.

They monitored 168 hours of peak time TV on BBC One and BBC Two: during that time, lesbian and gay people and their lives were realistically and positively portrayed for just six minutes.

*Gay people are contributing almost £190 million every year towards BBC programming.
*Gay people and their lives are five times more likely to be portrayed in negative terms on the BBC.
*Gay life is most likely to appear in entertainment programmes, and is rarely featured in factual programmes, like documentaries and the news.
*BBC programmes frequently use gay sexuality for making jokes or as an insult, and rely heavily on clichéd stereotypes.

The full report can be downloaded here: Tuned Out


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