Friday, 17 March 2006

Support Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer, the Opera is playing in Aberdeen until tomorrow. As in , I would imagine, all the other towns and cities where the show is going, Christian fundamentalist group are organising a protest. It is important to show some support to whoever is responsible for putting on the show against this small but loud minority.

As evident in the following email received by a friend who did show that support, people are feeling isolated:

At last! An email of support!
I have received a fair amount of letters and emails decrying the performance Jerry Springer - The Opera. My standard response was that Aberdeen Performing Arts remit was to bring high quality, high profile and awarding winning performances to HMT and I respected the rights of those who chose not to go and see it just as I respected the rights of those who did.
Jerry Springer - The Opera is a high profile musical and has won numerous awards and at the end of the day we live in a democratic society where people have the right of freedom of choice.
Thank you for your very supportive email.

Thankfully, we can turn the fundies weapons to our advantage. On their website (to which I won't be linking), the Christian Insitute give the emails of a few councillors of Aberdeen City Council (which owns the theatre where the show is playing) and of the sponsors for the show, inciting their followers to email and complain. Let's just email and praise! I did, it is now your turn.

Here are the contact details as listed on the Christian Institute website:

Theatre Directors
The following councillors are on the Board of Directors of 'Aberdeen Performing Arts'.
Councillor Karen Freel: email
Councillor Ronald Webster: email
Councillor Karen Shirron: email
Councillor George Adam: email
Councillor John Porter: email

Theatre Sponsors
Aberdeen Solicitors Property Centre: email
The Press and Journal: contacts

(Aberdeen Solicitors Property Centre is listed as a ‘Prime Sponsor’ and The Press and Journal as a ‘Major Sponsor’ in His Majesty’s Theatre Spring 2006 Guide.)

Thank you.

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