Thursday, 29 June 2006

The Future is Bright (But Cloudy)

I have to admit I am quite excited by this. Surprisingly so. I am about to be connected to broadband at home. Wireless, 8Mb broadband; no less AND it's free!

Carephone Warephone who opened the ostilities a few months ago. While they seem to be struggling a little under their success, other providers are joining in the fun. Orange, my mobile phone provider, are one of the first to do so.
Orange is now offering ‘free’ 8Mbps broadband to new and existing customers who pay £30 or above for a mobile phone package. The package, which is the previous Wanadoo offering also includes the Livebox wireless modem and free evening and weekend calls to local and national landlines using the Wireless & Talk VoIP service.
Surprisingly, I found myself elegible to the deal and promptly signed up. I received a letter of confirmation yesterday and am now eagerly waiting for the techkie bits to arrive.

Please note that I am not yet giving up on my old dial up!

Earlier this week, I heard a report on the World Tonight, that many people signing up to broadband are finding it rather difficult. BT, Tiscali and Bulldog were cited as particularly noticable offenders. Thankfully, Orange (or Wanadoo, which they have just bought up) were not mentioned.

Not that Orange are perfect. I recently upgraded my mobile at an Orange shop. Following this I was suppose to ring Orange to get my new SIM card registered (or something). I dutifully rang them. More than five times now. I even went back to the shop and rang them from there. Everytime they promise me that the transfer will take place within the next 24 hours. It never does. Thankfully, my old SIM card is still working. I am using it in my new phone and if they want things to be in order, they should not count on my to ring them once againg!

The future is bright... but there might be a few clouds on the way...

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  1. je ne vois pas ce que to veut dire au sujet de n'ai jamais eu de problem.

    il faut que tu aies une ligne qui puisse supporter 8mb....and not all do, so even though BT offer me 8mb I can only get 5....

    phew and all that sans mon c.


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